Remote Access of Your Computer & Files

Have you ever been visiting with a friend, been out on a job site, or even been at home and wanted to get that file you left on your computer at work.  There are lots of different options available now to help you accomplish this task.  I want to talk about a few including remote access websites, and file sharing sites.

There are many proprietary computer software packages for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. Some of them include ShowMyPC, LogMeIn & TeamViewer  You install these programs on your machines and it allow those machines to communicate with one another with an interface that looks like you are sittin

g right in front of the machine that your are remotely accessing.  With ShowMyPC you must have someone on the PC your are trying to remotely control to generate a password that they give you in order for you to connect (when using the free service).  LogMeIn and TeamViewer will allow you to create a password you can enter from the device you are connecting from to access the machine remotely (with the free service) & Team Viewer even has an app for Android and iPhone.  There are many more options available with the paid services including copying files from one location to the other.

As an alternative for remotely accessing your computer, Web-based file hosting services such as Drop Box, uses cloud storage to give the ability to store and share files and folders wit
h others across the Internet using file synchronization, and web-based secure digital file delivery companies such as YouSendIt allows secure sending, receiving and tracking of files on demand and uses FTP as an alternative to emailing large attachments.  SugarSync is a service that actively syncs files across computers and other devices and gives you the ability to backup, access, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies and allows the capability of accessing these files from an iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, or any other device.

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