Star Trek Colors and what they mean to ME Computer Services

I want to take the opportunity to discuss the colors of the Star Trek universe, The Original Series Universe that is, and what those colors signified on the show and what they mean in my business, Malugin Enterprises Computer Services.

01 Star Trek Colors



The original Star Trek Colors were…


Command and helm personnel wear Green/Gold.  Captain Kirk, Sulu & Chekov wore these uniforms and were responsible for the command and navigation of the ship.  When wearing the Gold of MECS, our focus is on the following:

  • Training and instruction
  • Discussion with owners/staff members on systems/upgrades needed to improve business
  • Remote Access Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Internet Connections Problems
  • Wired & Wireless Networking – PC or Mac

As Captain Kirk traveled the galaxy exploring strange new worlds, I too am constantly exploring strange new systems and trying to navigate my way through, helping those systems run at peak performance with limited down time.  Training & instruction are hallmarks of successful leadership, and I hope to assist leaders with doing just that in their business/organization.  Information is critical and internet functionality insures the latest information to leaders and staff.  GOLD is considered priceless, and so is what gold represents for our clients at MECS.


Science and Medical Personnel wear blue. That was the color of Spock & Dr. McCoy.  Their responsibilities included analyzing data and health of the ship and crew.  When in blue, I assist with the following:

  • Data Backup & Duplication
  • Virus scans and removal
  • Spyware/Adware/Malware protection and removal

Spock was a master of data, and was able to pinpoint exactly how long it would take to do a task, how far it was to the nearest planet,  or if Starfleet had ever encountered a species and if so, how to approach/handle them.  In this same way we try to anticipate what problems a client might encounter and be ahead of those problems by securing data and by providing backup assistance, virus, spyware, adware and malware protection.

Dr. McCoy took care of the health of the crew, and ME Computer Services helps clients who have not kept their systems updated get rid of those bugs that creep in and attack their machines causing them downtime.  ME Computer Services continuing mission is to seek out new life and new civilizations that encroach on businesses and come up with solutions to those encroachments so those businesses won’t end up with the BLUES.


Operations, Engineering, Security Personnel & Communications wear red.  Scotty & Uhura wore this color along with all the security officers on the ship.  Their responsibilities including ship performance, communications and security of the ship.  When in red our focus is on the following:

  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Set-up & Installation of PC’s/Servers
  • Software upgrades
  • Securing computers/password protection and setting user rights
  • Printers Issues
  • Sluggish PC’s
  • Computer Crashes
  • Hardware installations including; Graphics/Video Cards, Hard Drives, Fans & Heatsinks, Laptop Screens, Network Cards, memory & Power Supplies
  • Temporary File Removal
  • Driver Updates
  • Email Issues
  • Registry Cleaning

Scotty was always called upon to keep the ship running at tip top shape, and expected to complete mission critical task in record time.  There was always an emergency and Scotty always seemed to have the answer.  My hope is that Scotty was following in my footsteps, and that he will look to me as an inspiration when he does all his great work in the future (ha! Ha!).

Uhura was the main communications officer and it was her job to keep communications open at all times.  We depend on our email/phone systems more than ever today and it is our goal to assist clients with doing just the same job as Uhura.

Remember how security was always known in the original series for not making it back from the planet (someone from security seemed to always die in the original series)?  We to are willing to sacrifice our time to come up with solutions that will assist our clients with securing their systems from outside/inside attack of their personal data. To boldly go where no man has gone before… so we don’t lose our cool and end up seeing RED.

Remember, in the infamous words of Spock, Live long and prosper (with Malugin Enterprises Computer Services we help your business, “Live long and prosper”.

Tim Malugin

Owner – Malugin Enterprises Computer Services

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