What type of protection do I need?

There are so many options when it comes to securing you computer that it can seem overwhelming. There are anti-virus, spyware, adware and malware programs as well as all-in-one solutions. How can you deturmine which to choose?

Many of the major providers have all-in-one solutions available. As a rule, these handle a majority of issues that may arise if they are being updated regularly.  However, infection can occur even though you have protection.  The reason is based on several factors including what websites you visit, what email attachments you open (you should only open attachments from trusted sources, and even then, you may get bit) and getting infected in between updates.

There are other software options that you can download/purchase that can help clean these infections once you have them.  There are so many options available that some research may be needed to find what will work for your particular issue.  If you are not comfortable with/or would like help solving issues like these, please give ME a call/text/email and I will be glad to help you get your PC up and running at full capacity again.


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